About creativity

Painting is a like to collect and throw away, hold up and put down,
The painting process goes from zero to something then goes back to zero.
From far to close and then vanished into nothingness.
The balloon is broken but the air in it is merged into infinite space.
Each explosion is lightly like a plume.
In the fanciful blur, there is the need for awareness
In the softness there will be a need for hardness.
Its necessary to calculate space for each gesture, if there is not enough space, for a gesture, painting can becomes stuffy.

28/5/18 11:35
Gesture, traits in my paintings must be both present and absent.

25/5/18 19:58
It's important to live with my painting, physically and mentally. Often i need to touch the canvas to feel my body like a part of the work.

22/5/18 17:19
Creation should flow continuously like a rivers, things should'n be appart, painting is not as a show or a performance which has a beginning and an end.

Never finished a painting, there is always some mysteries, some possibilities..
Love is more beautiful when its not finished.

21/5/18 15:14
Before making a painting, the image must already lived in my interior

21/5/18 11:24
work quickly in 15-30 minutes, give freshness for each brush stroke

20/5/18 13:01
The hand moves but the mind is still, in motion there is static, this is called drawing as not drawing.

19/5/18 22:46
Picture need not too full, so can add..more, and not too empty which will lose the way..

18/5/18 11:30
I want to paint my feelings about life.

18/5/18 10:56
Every figures also contain the invisibility in it,

17/5/18 22:13
A landscape painter can feel the vastness of heaven and earth.

16/5/18 12:01
Don't see only an image in the picture, see the whole univers of it

14/5/18 19:32
Hildegard of Bingen: The world explained to us by others is no world at all. We must have the courage to listen for ourselves. Speak for ourselves. Be a light unto ourselves.

9/5/18 16:14
two things opposite need to exist parallel in the picture..where is conflict, there is also a source of serenity.

8/5/18 15:05
A mountain can't be made in short period of time, the breakthrough must have a foundation workmanship..everyday work..

7/5/18 18:22
I plan my gestures, colors, what i will use before paint..so i can paint more fluids.

Plan composition of pictures, make at least 10 compositions and chose one.

29/4/18 17:30
I want to tell stories which has no ending.

28/4/18 15:24
I'm seeking what i really want to say, through each color, each gesture..

27/4/18 18:19
I ask the picture how does it wants to cotinue, as i'm asking myself..and the answer come more easily, because i'm not separate from the painting. Usually it guide me to playful and rebellious states.

15/4/18 22:40
Reference: John Cage(1912-1992)
“Get yourself out of whatever cage you find yourself in.”
“Everything we do is music."
"It disappears, it goes away.Yes. But just when everything goes, we can also say that everything is there"
“There is no such thing as an empty space or an empty time. There is always something to see, something to hear. In fact, try as we may to make a silence, we cannot.”

10/4/18 15:12
There is something that goes beyond the so-called good and bad. Painting starts from the duality and develops into the oneness.

9/4/18 22:22
Painting needs time to reflect.The important thing is to know how to stay untouched from all the problems , forget about money, fame, and all the stories of this little life to find a greater, nobler, and that comes from infinite beauty.

9/4/2018 22:07
Tagore: If you cry because the sun has gone out of your life, your tears will prevent you from seeing the stars

3/4/18 9:02
Leo Tolstoy: the most crucial advice i can give? Simply: stop, just put down your work. And see.

29/3/18 16:45
reference: Michael Biberstein, Degas, Monet..
Each colors has a personality, stay in essential of abstraction

29/3/2018 14:20
What i do today guide me to do the next..im always in process of learning..

27/3/2018 14:55
The plesure to paint is bigger than any concepts, only then it will make my art more personal.

23/3/2018 14:51
A motion, regardless of gentle or strong, has an important impact on the entire univers.